Add an F10 - Planning View

I love the beautiful ambiance of the trees and the fog and night effects in this game. That is.... Until I'm trying to lay out some type of plan.

Perhaps adding a Planning view would solve MY problem and still allow for most of one's game time to be spent in the beautiful world you're creating.

I'd suggest that when one hits F10 All Time Action stops. The fog clears, full daylight ascends, (possibly all trees become stumps) and a ghostly grid appears over the terrain. This would allow me to layout the kind of roads and buildings I'd like and set up any terraforming that needs to be done and then ...

Hit F10 again. The projected tasks I've created remain but lighting, and fog effects resume and the trees go back to their glorious foliage! Perfection!
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    Sunday, July 09 2017, 12:23 PM - #Permalink
    Your suggestion didn't get the attention it deserves. Great idea.
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    Friday, July 28 2017, 01:28 AM - #Permalink
    Obviously as long as it doesn't show other players when you go into said mode, and also having another mode of the map that allows you to see top down of the local area around you for some amount of grid squares and have some sort of ghost planning that members of your guild could see when they go into the f10 mode or what ever it is.

    Overall Great idea +1
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