Basically give the Donkey ability to the Items Creator/Worker. I have a screen shot of my reason and I posted on Steam about the problem, but I get workers taking their items FAR away from a closer/less full Storage area. Like in the pic, Lower Barn is "Full", Upper Barn is Empty, yet the Kilners near the Top Barn keep/kept taking Coal that was made WAY farther to Lower Barn. Causing near Hypothermia every other second, which is WHY the Top Barn and Kilners were added in the first place. Itd be nice to CLICK the item in the Building Description than a Preferred Storage Location.
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    Tuesday, October 24 2017, 08:51 AM - #Permalink
    This is by far the most important/devastating issue in this game now. Player should be able to deal with simple logistics in a better way.
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