In Game Voice Chat and More RP Ideas

I have heard for some time, especially from Twitch streamers, that the in-game voice chat is very problematic and often breaks immersion and makes it impossible for good coordination between players in any setting. I don't want to sound like some poorly informed dork who thinks he knows how to make games better than actual developers, but would it be feasible to request assistance or otherwise information from other game devs who have worked through similar issues in the past. I wont make a personal recommendation unless asked but I do follow a specific Youtuber who has worked on a lot of games that either didn't have voip or had poor quality voip and made it work, and if requested I'll tell you who, I just don't want to be insulting. Secondly, and I think this is being more efficiently covered by everyone else in these forums, is the increase in options for more "classes" for the use of role-play, I strongly recommend taking a good look at these, for if you could get the various RP communities more involved with this game it would be a large boost to your business. Ultimately I just want you guys and this game to succeed where others have not, so most importantly don't give up ;) .
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