Make copper coins easyer to get!!

Right firstly unless you can get perm for trade post you have to hang around/ travel vast distances to get coins. This is really not gr8 for solo/small groups of players that can not make a guild claim. I would suggest making it easier to get, say if your digging there should be like a small chance to find 1 copper coin or something, this would please people who moan about digging/flattening being tedious and it would help solo and small groups a lot.

Another way is to make it possible to turn silver coins into bronze, say 1 silver+ 5 bronze or something because sometimes people with fight and the victor can then loot, take some silver coins and be excited, like I was, that they can now place a claim so all there hard work doesn't disappear when they finally succumb to sleep only to find out that for some reason coins wich in theory at least are worth more can not be used. Like wtf why??

Second bit was more ranty but you get my point. Make it slightly easier!! Give solos chance please.
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