1) I'd suggest renaming this "Counting House" - It's more in keeping with the period feel.
2) Not sure what time-frames you're looking to support and the 100 years that comes up now is definitely a good one. I'd like to see Last Year, Last 5 Years, Last 10 Years and last 25 Years as possible time frames. for any graphs that are displayed.
3) I'd also like to see some numerical production data
This year, This year vs Last year, Last 5 years, Last 10 years would all be good
Perhaps a 3 or 5 year running average would be good too.
4) If this numerical data could be available in each individual production building that would be great. Some buildings (Like hunters and gatherer's will become less and less productive as the settlement build up around them. These figures would be useful in determining when to tear them down and move them further afield.

I'd suggest that this is an important aspect of the game. This is the type of game that attracts micro-managers and detail wonks. It's best to give us what we need.
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    Tuesday, July 04 2017, 08:23 AM - #Permalink
    First of all huge thanks for this awesome game to all developers!

    I fully support Havan_IronOak's suggestion and this would make the game a lot more immersive if we would have a deep insight in all production aspects with statistics.
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