There arose from their thrones of fire the Ehrideity,
who from the beginning were called the Ancestors and the Wisest,
and they spoke forth their word, "SAFOBHEITH!" That is, "Let us make ourselves a helper."
And lo, Aori was in their midst.

The first master of the dark world, Aori.
Hands shining like gold were given to him,
and strength like unto that of iron.

Then was Master Aori ordered to strengthen the heavenly dome.
But the master could not approach the heavenly sphere, for the sphere was the Word.

And each of the Ereborns took one piece for himself, wreathed in fire and flame.
And they added each of them the pieces to Aori.
Thus Aori became like unto them.

Then the darkness flooded the world separated from the First Light.
And Aori did begin to strengthen the heavenly dome without ceasing.
And he became the Word.

Aori Goldenhanded did work without ceasing, multiplying the silver braces.
But the heavenly dome shuddered, and the Word began to appear here and there.
And a second time did the Ehrideity rise from their thrones.

Once more, they pronounced "SAFOBHEITH."
That is, "Let us make ourselves a helper."
And Svefnii was born, and stood among them.

And each of the Ereborns took two pieces for himself, wreathed in fire and flame.
And each of them did place two pieces into Svefnii.
So Svefnii became the Sleeping God,
who is the Sleeping Flame.

And the darkness descended upon one place, Word of very Word.
Svefnii did become inflamed with a fire within.
And he became like the Ereborns.

The hammer of Aori the master sounded forth without ceasing, and now the Sleeping God labored without ceasing as well.
They built up the heavenly dome with braces of silver, but they could not finish the work.

And so the Ehrideity arose a third time from their thrones of flame.
And with their word of power they created all the rest...
Then did enter the world [...]
and Terskel, and many others.

But the Ehrideity did not give up pieces of themselves to them, else they might go out forever.
Then M.... ....za, Wisest of the Shining Ones, did utter his word, and the dome became ice, and peace, and oblivion.
But alas, time had not yet come to be.

And the dome was strengthened by the word of the Wisest One, and it became a single whole.
And the Sleeping God, weary from the labor of the righteous, summoned Alglemy, and lay with her upon a bed of heather, and soon was fast asleep.

Alglemy whispered in his ear of his greatness, and the injustice of the Ancestors.
And how though the flame was given to Svefnii and Aori, nothing of the Holy Ones was given to her, to Alglemy, nor to her brother Gloom, nor to the rest of those in darkness.

Her words ignited a fire within Svefnii's heart.


Then the Holurs came to Svefnii, saying:
"Thou hast been given abundantly more of the Flame than any of us, yea, we are hollow and empty.

Thou art filled, and we are not.
Thou art hot, and we are cold.

Thou dost shine, and we are of the darkness.
We are both dark and cold.

In every manner, thou art alike unto us, keeper and owner of Flame.
Give us but a small part of such Flame, and thou shalt be like a father unto us."
And the Sleeping God gave to them a small part of his Flame.


Then did the Holurs speak to Svefnii, saying:
"As a mark of thy greatness, we give unto thee these golden chains."
And they bound Svefnii, and hung him from the silver braces of the heavenly dome.

And Svefnii, the Sleeping Flame, cried out, "O detestable ones!
How could you raise your hand against your father and bind his hands and feet?
How could you spill his blood?"

The Holurs answered him not, but made merry and rejoiced in their strength.
Then each of them tested their strength on Elgverden.

And the whole of the Elgverden was consumed in flame, and then was the time of the Reaping of the Lungs.
And the Sleeping God came in fury.
The slumbering flame within him awoke, and the heavenly dome trembled, and the chains holding him were torn asunder.

The time of the slaughter had come. The time of Holurblodbad.