Hey Feudalists!

The third closed beta test run has officially come to an end. We want to thank you all for your cooperation, feedback and patience - you’ve helped us to amass important data that we’ll use to better your future experience in significant ways. Thank you!

Having analyzed the data and issues we've encountered during this test run, we decided that we are going to have a fourth run with the start date somewhere near the end of June.

Meanwhile, we have finally prepared the first pack of lore material. The Scriptorium has been opened on our website. We are going to fill it up with stories, manuscripts and other work related to the Life is Feudal universe!

At first, we are going to tell you a little bit about the mythology of our world. You can read it on our designated page: http://lifeisfeudal.com/LoreStories/

The lore section of our forum will be supported by our new loremaster, Mark Rhainer. Everyone - especially role players - are welcome to ask any lore-related questions in our lore section. Please remember that filling out the vast world's lore is a long, ongoing process and we are going to do it step-by-step, as it is impossible to work out all the aspects simultaneously (but we are working very diligently on this project).

Stay tuned for updates; there are a lot of interesting things ahead!

- The team