Hey, Feudalists!

With a heavy heart, we have to admit that we didn’t make the launch of the Battle system last weekend. All guilty ones have been hanged already on Alaric oak, while the remaining continue to work with double the zeal.

We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding from all who came to help us with testing. Thanks to all of you, a number of critical bugs and problems were identified.

Your trust, support and enthusiasm inspire us to continue working with added strength and fills us with determination to push forward on the project.

We want to give a special shout out to the guilds who took their time and showed up for the Battle system test in a really organized manner: Askanier, Vanirs Krigsmen, Brothers In Arms, Prosperity, Blood Vikings, La Orden, Heidabyr, Axt and Kreuz, The Kingdom of Masons, Great Tartaria, House Dagfinn, Kingdom of Aberon, Finravens, Ruffnarök, Kingdom of Baldoian. Thank you!

We also want to take this time to talk about our priorities. The main strength of the team is now focused on bringing the Battle system to life. The rest of the developers are finalizing the horse-pulled carts and Trading posts, alongside the reshuffled resources on the map. That is not mentioning the ongoing process of polishing and bug-fixing of course.

The artists are finishing texturing the new walls and Donjons to prepare them for tests, as well as making models of destructible shields, reworking some game assets and adding new ones.

Some pictures:

Stay with us!

— The team