International sections of our forum


We have just created international sections so our fans can participate in discussions and ask their questions using their native language. Though the rest of the forum will still be "English only".

P.S. If you want us to create a forum section for your native language, send a private forums message to "Arrakis09". As soon as we get enough of these request we will create a new section. 

Hooray! Greenlit!

We've been Greenlit by the Steam community! Thanks to all our fans that have supported us during our short but intense campaign! In a few days we will be announcing the starting date of our Closed Alpha tests. We should have a date for you by next week, so Alpha is very close ;) Stay tuned.
P.S. If you want to participate in closed Alpha tests, you can learn about it here:

We’ve reached the top 100 Steam Greenlight in less then 2 days!


We’ve reached the top 100 in just 2 days (46 hours to be precise)! Thank you guys so much for your interest in our game and all the kindness you’ve shown! We’re truly humbled by the amazing support and incredible amount of attention you’ve granted us these past couple of days.

20% of needed votes in 6 hours


We have just collected 20% of needed votes on Steam Greenlight in first 6 hours of our campaign. Thank you for your support!

Going for some Greenlight

The color green is lacking from our game, so we’ve decided to go for a Steam Greenlight! Feel free to support us with your upvotes and positive comments.
The first wave of invites to the upcoming Closed Alpha has just passed. All of our donors and some of our most devoted fans have received access to the closed section of our boards reserved for Alpha testers. Log in on our boards and check them out, you might also have been invited ;)
P.S. Alpha is close …
P.P.S PM Bobik on boards if you have donated to us, but for some reason does not have closed section access.