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Current patch contains the long awaited “Disconnect” functionality, which allows you to disconnect from your current server and then connect to another with no need to restart the game. That is along with numerous other bug fixes and some gameplay tweaks.
Patch notes (ver.

New Barter system and more stability while creating Your Own world (

We have completely reworked the mechanism of local world creation and hosting. You should not notice much of a difference, but, hopefully, there will be more stability while performing the task. 
Thanks to significant help from BasilMod’s author, we have included a barter system (player to player) into our official build. 
We had also SIGNIFICANTLY reworked skill progression formula towards planned concept of fast 30, 60 lvl progression, normal 90 lvl progression and INSANELY hard progression to 100 lvl of a skill. Make sure that you have altered your server skill multipliers accordingly. Enjoy! 
Patch notes (ver.

Best City/Fort Contest Winner Announcement

We were seriously impressed with the creative cities and forts we received, so we have come up with five winners who will each receive some keys, and be featured in our upcoming promo video, which will be shared across all of our platforms, and viewed by the whole community! 
First place goes to the incredibly impressive ‘One-Man City’ - congratulations! We have contacted you to receive the database dump, and we come bearing five steam keys! [Show Video]
Next up is the Jackals Guild and their awesome main fortress. Check your email and don’t forget to claim your four keys! 
In third place, we chose the Kingdom of Arkhaya - you have three keys waiting for you. [Show Video]
Fourth and fifth place go to Silver Sun Republic and Grünthal. Again, we have contacted you guys for the database dump and, have dropped two steam keys for fourth place and a steam key for fifth place in the email! 
Thank you to everyone who got involved - it’s always a pleasure to see your creations, and we have to say, it was really hard choosing the winners for this competition. 
PS. You’ll be happy to know that we have a patch lined up for you all soon™!

Best City/Fort Contest - Winner gets featured+credited in upcoming promo - Deadline 30/09/15

We want to see the biggest, the best, and the most beautiful towns, cities or forts!
There’s no restrictions - just get creative! Think of ways to make your build stand out; asymmetry, creative shapes and angles, decorative items, whatever you can think of!
Send in your screenshots - either solo, or as a team - to us via personal message, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by simply responding to this announcement.
The winning build will be featured - and credited - in our new, upcoming promo video, which will be shared across all of our platforms, and viewed by the whole community!
Plus we have a handful of keys for you to share with your friends
Deadline is midnight GMT, 30th of September, and the winner(s) will be announced within the next few days
Please note that we’ll require a database dump by the winner, in order for us to be able to recreate it on our new DX11 build!

First localizations, network overhaul, along with some fixes (

Аnthill: the only word we can use to describe how the studio looks right now. While juggling quite a lot of work simultaneously, in order to prepare the playable DX11 build, as well as a new terraforming tunnel generation system, special attacks and combat system tweaks, plus user voted features - as well as many of our own, we’re wanting to keep on providing other features, along with bug and crash fixes and optimization. 
On top of all of this, we have implemented the BETA of our localization system with three languages (Russian, Portuguese-Brazilian and French)! Expect that this text may not look completely correct and may be misaligned, but generally, you should be able to see all of the text and voice overs translated. 
Patch notes (ver.