MAJOR Overhaul and update (Part 2): Kids are here! No kidding! (0.9.6118)

Hey villagers!

After a few months of development, we’re glad to announce that children will have new models now. You will now be able to distinguish them from adults! Check out the visual improvements and client optimizations included in the update.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.6118):

New features and tweaks:

  • childrens’ models added to the game
  • new lightning system (models will look slightly different now)
  • shadow quality significantly increased
  • barrels, lamp posts and a few other items have a physically corrected shine applied, this is our first step in implementing the PBR method[]
  • where shoreline intersects with water is damp and glistens in the sunlight
  • the moon has been added to the night cycle and affects lighting and shadows
  • day/night transition has been reworked
  • water reflections close to the horizon have been tweaked
  • mule animations have been tuned
  • camera angles are adjustable now in certain parts of the tutorial
  • many general optimizations have been applied to the game.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed tile visuals being rendered incorrectly when placing a new building

This is part two of our major overhaul and update, but the update is not complete. Stay tuned for part three in a few weeks!

- The team

Development News #44 - ‘Optimizations’ and soon the ‘Shrouds of History’ will begin to lift!’

Greetings Feudalists!

This week we continued getting the new LiF:YO patch ready and worked on crushing some nasty bugs.
In particular:
  • network optimizations;
  • fixing combat-related crashes;
  • tuning forest growth algorithm to fix the 'forest dying out' issue;
  • repairing terrain flattening mechanics.

Our artists have been busy with new castle walls, shield damage states, as well as characters and decorations for LiF:MMO starting islands.

Yesterday the art guys finished sculpting a gavran type vessel. Sketches of this vessel, which you might have seen in one of the earlier blog entries. This is a Slavard’s Rook - a type of ship that local NPCs on the starting islands will be building while the players assist them with various tasks. As previously stated, they are for decoration; you will not be able to sail it freely (boat-lovers, hold on).

We are also getting ready to unveil the new and completely overhauled game world history and mythology: the so-called lore. The first part of the lore’s main focus will be on the traits of the Gottlungs, Slavards, Khoors. This new information will showcase their religions, how they live, what they do and in whom they worship. Step-by-step our world broadens, adds depth and acquires new details as this lore grows.

We are sure you have noticed the intense visuals and symbolism within the world; huge swords thrust into the ground, the Eye of the Sleeper upon the shredded moon, peculiar tattoos on the backs and faces of people, interface background pictures - all of it serves a greater purpose.

More revelations are to come. Stay tuned.

-The team

Development News #43 - Beta News and the ‘Art’ of Fortifications

Hey Feudalists!

This week, and during the last closed beta test run, we’ve fixed a number of bugs:
  • client crash when opening tutorial window
  • high server ping issues
  • incorrect client patching sequence
  • game lag in certain locations
  • visual inventory duplication after crossing server borders
  • traps and snares working incorrectly near the server borders
  • incorrect damage calculation inflicted on players and animals.
We’ve also fixed some of the bugs that lead to the infamous ‘black screen’ issue while entering the game. We are also still working on any bugs that are present, of course!

We also optimized the network code of the game, while working diligently on submitted crash reports; including solving multiple issues while crossing server borders mounted on a horse. Phew!

We are also preparing a Life is Feudal: Your Own patch to apply most of the changes from the Life is Feudal:MMO version into Your Own.

In the meantime, check out our castle wall development progress.

We’ve presented you some fortification sketches before. We’ve updated the size and shape of wall loopholes and have reviewed some constructive elements of walls. Most of the 3D models are ready now. It is only texturing and functional QA tests left to do.

- The Team

Quick fixes and more updates (0.9.6112)

Hey villagers!

We’ve fixed a large amount of bugs, plus added some really neat tweaks in today’s patch.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.6112):

New features and tweaks:

  • You can now change temperature scale type (C / F)
  • You can now set in scripts what types of resources will be stored in buildings (for modders)

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple tutorial fixes
  • Fixed disappearing villagers (The truth is out there!)
  • Fixed some bridges building issues
  • Fixed some post road terraforming visualization bugs
  • Paused construction work will prevent builders already assigned to that building from continuing construction work
  • Fixed occupied by a building cell’s visualization
  • Fixed a bug where F11 did not hide pinned windows
  • Fixed a sound-related bug, where click sounds cannot be heard if some buildings are selected
  • Fixed mine icon not being visible if the mine itself is empty
  • Fixed some crashes
- The team

Development News #42 - ‘The End of the SECOND Test Run of Wave#1. Now What?’

The second test run of the Closed Beta Tests is over now.

Thank you!

We’ve gathered a lot of data and will continue our development.

Stay tuned!