Determination and Appreciation

Hey feudalists.

During the latest Instanced Battle testing that took place yesterday, where over two hundred players enlisted, the servers did not perform as expected. Issues such as lag and crashes were quite severe and that rendered participants incapable of seeing this battle through. Naturally, we are already investigating what went wrong and are hard at work on the issues discovered. Rest assured, CBT5 will continue until we resolve these issues and Instanced Battles, among other things, perform as intended.

We want to thank everyone for their participation and patience during these critical tests. No matter what, it was a pleasure to see hundreds of players clashing on the battlefields. We have gathered the data from yesterday’s test and are working hard to take the game to the next level of performance and stability. Stay tuned for updates!

— The Team

Development News #67 - Pay to w... show off!

Hey, Feudalists!

We have started internal tests of the new castle walls, which will soon be in game. These are 32 modules, among which are straight and sloped walls, walls with hoardings, inline and angular towers with stairs inside. We later plan to add arches and semi-arches as well.

We also decided to slightly modify the keeps: they can now be built on top of the guild monument so that the monument will be inside the keep. All loopholes, battlements, and passages are completely reworked for a more convenient use in defense.

You will be able to try out all of these in the Steam Early Access stage.

We also want to show you a few weapon skins, which you will be able to buy in our upcoming in-game shop. To begin with, we plan to introduce three sets of skins for the most popular weapons, and then gradually add skins to everything else. The difference between common weapons will be cosmetic only - all the characteristics and location of the hit-nodes will be the same.

In addition to weapon skins, in the shop you can also find unique clothing (no in-game bonuses but does not drop in a loot bag upon death.) as well as a variety of skins for all armor types and crafter's outfits.

Stay tuned!

— The team.

Last Day of Summer LiF:YO Patch in Beta Branch (

Hey everyone,

In today's patch, we want to take a second to say, 'hello!' to the small group of people who were concerned that LiF:YO had been forgotten about. Well, of course, we would never do that and are excited for today's updates. See for yourself in the patch notes or take a look on the beta test branch for more info!
Please read the end of the post if you’re unsure how to activate LiF:YO Steam beta branch.

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:

  • Optimized and reworked guild code. Added new ‘Guilds’ button in the Character window - which is where you can now create, manage and invite new members to your guild. Political and rights system is currently exposed via console commands only. Please, take a look here, if you want some politics on your server ;)
  • Implemented ‘Personal Claim’ system
  • Implemented the ‘Horse decay’ system in order to minimize excessive server load, which was caused by hundreds of unattended horses being stashed in the attics of residential buildings. A horse without a rider or any interaction within 30 minutes will appear sleeping/laying on the ground, and after an additional 30 minutes, it will ‘run away’ and disappear completely from the gameworld. This mechanism is DISABLED by default. Server admins may to enable this setting by modifying the: $cm_config::Decay::HorsesDecayTimeMinutes preference
  • Implemented a server-side setting that gives the ability to enable or disable all inventory items being dropped on the ground when a player uses the Homecoming Prayer skill ($cm_config::HomecomingDrop = 0;)
  • New tooltips system implemented - you can now see detailed information about items, character stats and active effects
  • Claim radius is now shown in tiles (1 tile side = 2 meters)
  • Guild claim rendering distance is lowered
  • Guild land maintenance price decreased
  • Tweaked tree growth algorithm. Trees that are planted by players will now grow faster
  • Special attack damage multipliers boosted
  • Removed ignore parry on 90 lvl Spearman
  • 90 level Spearman is now required to fight with spear and shield. Also added special attack after knocking down an opponent
  • Lancers can’t attack on low speed anymore
  • Added durability checks while interacting with inventory and constructed objects. You will no longer see an ability in the context menu if durability requirements are not met
  • You can deconstruct incomplete buildings on enemy claims during Judgment Hour. Speed of deconstruction depends on the amount of resources that were invested into that particular building
  • Properly implemented the swimming skill. It can now be skilled up and allows you to swim longer distances
  • Armor effects now properly scale with the armor quality
  • Archer Stand and Defensive Fence now set up immediately in a complete state
  • Added ‘Load of Mortar’ recipe. Grants the ability to make large amounts of mortar at once, but with increased use of resources
  • A bunch of crafting recipe tweaks

Bug fixes and optimizations:

  • Slightly optimized netcode
  • Optimized guild lands drawing algorithm
  • Optimized server to database communication
  • Fixed client crash on claim removal
  • Fixed inability to use Sacrifice when a monument is being upgraded
  • A few server crash issues have been addressed
  • Optimized collision models of some objects. This should boost servers performance slightly.
  • Fixed an exploit making some players invulnerable
  • Fixed a situation where a character was dismounted from horse after stun. Now a dismount will only happen if a character is knocked down.
  • Now renaming, opening and dropping bags and similar containers is working properly
  • Ranger skill abuse with pavise fixed
  • Fixed ability to draw a spear on horseback
  • Fixed terraforming related substance dupe
  • You can no longer add fuel to damaged devices
  • Fixed the quality cap on metal types in the case of chainmail armor crafting
  • Fixed /stuck exploit, which would allow players to get inside a fortified perimeter
  • Fixed incorrect food quality multiplier calculation. Now the value of the multiplier is recalculated with hunger increase
  • You can gather silkworm cocoons from medium mulberry trees
In order to check it out, you will need to switch to the beta branch. Full instructions are available here.

- The team

Development News #66 - MMO Patch: Hold Your Horses!


Hey, Feudalists!

We want to update you with the changes in an upcoming patch that we’ll be releasing today - if everything goes as planned (fingers crossed!).

Most importantly, we want to WARN you that you should no longer keep your unpacked horses unattended in the gameworld. A horse without a rider or any interaction within 30 minutes will appear sleeping/laying on the ground, and after an additional 30 minutes, it will ‘run away’ and disappear completely from the gameworld. We’ve implemented this mechanism in order to minimize excessive server load, which was caused by hundreds of unattended horses being stashed in the attics of residential buildings and other unsuitable - and non-horse-friendly - areas!

This mechanism will be constantly enabled in the MMO. LiF:YO server admins will be able to enable this setting by modifying the: $cm_config::Decay::HorsesDecayTimeMinutes preference.

By the way, LiF:YO owners can expect a LiF:YO patch sometime next week! :)

We have also fixed two terraforming and inventory-related dupes and that concludes all the dupes that we currently know about. Please do not hesitate to report serious exploits and dupes to us! You can expect very good compensation for those reports!

There are a couple of long awaited combat fixes being presented in today’s patch:
  1. High skill level thrusting spear attacks will no longer be unparryable
  2. Lancers will have their couched lance reset if the speed of their horse drops below a certain level
  3. Spears can no longer be used on horseback. Only lances are allowed.

We are constantly working on balancing, tweaking and improvement of our combat system. You can expect a massive weapons rework and additional combat fixes next week.

Stay tuned!

Development News #65 - CBT5 is Live! LIF:MMO is Moving Full Steam Ahead!


Hey, Feudalists!

As promised in our recent CBT#5 announcement, we would like to share more details about the upcoming events that we have planned. Currently, we’re in the beginning of the CBT#5 testing phase, which will last for a few weeks until we reach a level of acceptable stability, balance and overall quality of the game. After that, we plan to shut the servers down for a couple of days in order to wipe them, shuffle resources and make some map corrections and tweaks.

Once these changes are complete, we plan to start a new phase of testing - Steam Early Access Tests! We will let those, who have purchased LiF:YO on Steam or have purchased Believer Packs to get into the game so they can redeem their tickets to transfer one of their characters on the main continent - Abella. We want also to highlight, that we have NO WIPES planned during or after the Steam Early Access testing phase.

During Steam EA tests we will provide our supporters, who have bought Believer Packages, with all the benefits that were promised and are listed here. Ingame shop monetization will also be implemented and enabled, so you’ll be able to check out some cool new skins for your armor, weapons and apparel.

After 2-3 months of Steam EA tests, we plan to reach an OBT and open the game for everyone to experience! Anyone with a Steam account will be able to download and experience Life is Feudal:MMO for free in our new starter island areas.  

If you’re interested to learn more about our project, monetization, game vision and some inside stuff, you can check out the recording of a live chat session that happened a few days ago here:

P.S. We almost forgot, our NA players can expect their regional server to appear and become available 2 weeks from now. We will need your help to test these servers to make sure that everything is running properly on the new hardware in this region. This will help us to ensure a smooth launch of the NA region server along with the EU region during Steam EA tests.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to check out Brightlocker where you can earn exclusive Life is Feudal perks and rewards.