Another patch containing several fixes and slight tweaks. Thank you for keeping faith in us!

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:

  • Removed the notorious drum sound and other inappropriate sounds during some in-game activities
  • Updated the general EULA
  • Implemented ruleset warning when entering the new EU Roleplay world (Epleland)
  • Regional ingredients in a crafting interface are now properly highlighted with a “!”
  • Monument upgrade doesn’t require the Authority Skill anymore
  • Reverted new praying animation - it was not intended to be released anyway
  • Tweak with primitive fish cooking recipes should now be properly applied on the servers
  • Pagan relics should no longer be dropped now.

Bug fixes and optimizations:

  • Provided a temporary fix that should block you from traveling between server nodes if this travel can potentially cause you to lose your Horse or Trading Cart. We’re still working on the proper fix of cross server node traveling.
  • Optimized server-side calculations of animals and players during movement in the world. That should boost server node performance slightly.
  • Fixed a client-side crash while trying to interact with an opened container interface while the actual container is too far.
  • Fixed broken Slavard rags model
  • Fixed Farming leveling to work when you actually use a plough instead of just picking it up and dropping it
  • Fixed an empty list of resources in the Inspect Tree ability
P.S. We have also ran a script on the Avalon server that returns all items that were lost due to the recent Trading Post.

— The team