Astrologers proclaim week of the Bughunter. Amount of bugfix

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Astrologers proclaim week of the Bughunter. Amount of bugfix

Post by Bobik » 10 Apr 2015, 13:01

We have managed to find and fix a major bug that was affecting several different objects (tanning tubs included) and their states. There have also been multiple other bugfixes and minor changes and players should experience less weird game behaviour.

In addition, we have implemented some new GM Mode commands that might be handy for those who are actually GMs of their worlds. Be sure to check out new commands on our GM Mode page!

Patch notes (ver.
  • Fixed a major bug in the objects states subsystem. Tanning tubs and other objects should work smooth and correctly now. Don’t tell us otherwise, please!
  • Added a bunch of new GM Mode commands
  • Fixed a bug that had caused some player animations not to play properly or be interrupted
  • You should no longer see render bugs on some animals (headless wolves, bear legs only etc.)
  • Multiple craft related bugs fixed
  • Multiple other minor bug fixes and minor correction of gameplay formulas

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