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Bags and bugs (

Post by Bobik » 16 Dec 2014, 12:53

We have implemented a proper bags system that will allow you to sort your stuff in your inventory or inside your warehouses. For additional ease of sorting you can now name your bags.

Some additional bugfixes and optimizations and minor fixes are also included in this patch.

P.S. We have finished software design and started actual implementation of a guild system for LiF:YO - stay tuned ;)

Patch notes (ver.
  • Backpack, bag, sack, pouch containers can now be crafted by tailors and can be renamed (while inside of your inventory) to ease sorting of items.
  • Fixed video settings dialogue and tweaked video settings to fix invisible trees and objects issues on some rare PC specs
  • Added new fortification modules for stone walls
  • Warehouses now have a proper doors that can be opened or closed
  • Reworked some fortifications models to minimize /stuck exploit chances
  • Made some rendering optimizations that should increase rendering performance slightly
  • Provided some crash fixes on a client side
  • Projectiles do not collide with water surface now and sink properly

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