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Beta branch update #inb4MMO (

Post by Arrakis » 08 Apr 2016, 18:52

Hey everyone,

Firstly, we want to thank you for your patience while we ensure the latest patch is stable. We have one or two little things we need to do but have decided that we can release today under the beta branch - so obviously please keep in mind that it’s still in a WiP state - (check out the link here to find out how to switch to beta) for those who are eager to try it out!

You will have to start a new server in the beta branch!
Next week we are going to release another small patch, which will enable automatic migration of your existing worlds.
Once we have ironed out any remaining bugs, and ensured the gameplay is stable and balanced we will apply the current patch on the main branch (so everyone can join in) later on!

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:
  • Implemented guild Heraldry. Guild leaders can now design their own heraldry symbols via the Guild monument menu. Tabards can now be crafted via Tailoring skill. Tabards and shields are painted automatically with the heraldry of player wielding them
  • Completely reworked Crafting and Combat skill trees. We’ve changed them to be more adequate in terms of logical progression
  • Pikes and lances have had their firing timer increased. This means that it will be easier to hit with these weapons now, since their active state (couched, when it can deal damage) will last longer
  • Pikes should now properly stop horses if hit
  • Fixed parrying view vector calculations. You should parry more effectively now if you’re facing the direction of a blow
  • Shields now absorb all damage if you’re in an active block and facing your opponent
  • It is easier to hit with a warcry now, since it affects the target closest to your crosshair in a small sector
  • Added triplanar texturing for terrain. You should notice some terrain texture quality increases. We’re still working on the quality of terrain textures
  • Added more animations for some crafting abilities
  • Added a glow in the health and stamina bars when they change their values

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed some rampant client crashes
  • Fixed a bug, which caused some trees and objects to become invisible on the client side
  • Finally fixed the blinking sky visual bug on all video cards
  • Created a proper warning when trying to launch the client on a DirectX 11 incompatible video card
  • Optimized the trees collision model. It should demand less calculations both on server and client side
  • All mouse buttons can now be bound properly
  • Fixed a couple of rendering bugs
  • Fixed antialiasing settings in video settings menu
  • Fixed a video memory leak

We’d also like to take this time to let you know that the MMO Beta tests are currently running internally. Since game development never seems to run smoothly, we’ve run into some issues, but we are devoting a lot of the team - and time - to overcoming that.

We’re hoping to start the first wave of tests later in April. The original Alpha testers, and the devoted supporters who’ve been a big help in our development are the ones who will be taking part in this wave of testing.

After that, all LiF:YO owners get to be a part of the second wave of testing!

P.S. You will only be able to see beta servers while in the beta branch!

Thank you for your continued support,
-The Bitbox Ltd. team

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