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Change of plans

Post by Bobik » 06 May 2014, 14:53

      We want to announce a significant change of plans considering the LiF release. There is really nothing to worry about as far as the plans for LiF and these changes are great news that offer new options for you the player as LiF moves forward in development.

      While working on the server functionality we made a decision to take a different approach as for the way the servers will work for this new option. We explored some new possibilities and decided to change our priorities. Until now we only concentrated on opening one, big server based on our multinode technology, but during our work we have decided to offer a way that will provide players with a lot more possibilities.

      Now to the point, players will be able to create their own servers. Thats' right, every player that buys our game will be provided with server files and will be able to start his own server. You will be in full control and will be able to configure the server however you like and manipulate game objects and items. More than that, you will be able to invite your friends and have fun together or simply open it for public. BUT! There will be some limitations. While the official servers will still be a giant world (21.5 x 21.5 kilometers), private servers will have only small map (3 x 3 kilometers), also the maximum number of players on these servers will be 64.

      The game (private server and client) in the presented model will be called "Life is Feudal: Your Own" and will be available on Steam. This small world will allow you to familiarize yourself fully with game mechanics and eventually you will crave greater adventure. Then you will be able to join our main mmo servers and meet some real challenge among thousands of other players!

      For now we will concentrate our development efforts on LiF:YO while of course still working on the main, official gameservers. Once LiF:YO is released and stable the main server development will continue at a normal pace.
Feel free to ask your questions in our special LiF:YO dedicated Interactive FAQ thread here: lif-yo-interactive-faq-t1204/

P.S. Next servers pre-alpha run is planned on the end of the next week (aprox. 15th of May).

P.P.S Steam Early Alpha release is expected to happen at August-September 2014.

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