Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

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Re: Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

Post by Sharana » 28 Oct 2016, 15:21

Kazar wrote:I tried that with the first interview with translation to slovak. I quit in 15min. :D

I gave up after the 2nd question (no clue about time). Just said fuck it, it's not worth it to sink so many hours, someone else might do it and few russians actually did :D

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Re: Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

Post by Darius » 28 Oct 2016, 19:09

Yesterday's interview Q/A
Disclaimer: these are my personal interpretations on the interview. I might have missed things or misheard the answers.

1. When can the new beta testers expect their invite and how many players are you planning on inviting?
=> This is the ‘Short Beta Test Run’ it’s not wave 1.
=> Invites will be given friday evening European time.
=> Invites will be per email, make sure you check your spam.
=> If you receive an invite for this Beta Test, you will stay as a tester for all future tests.

2. Any indication to how long this ‘short’ Wave is expected to last?
=> Couple of days only
=>10x skill multiplier.

3.What will we be testing?
=> General gameplay
=> Stress testing
=> Overall readiness of all systems/subsystems
=> New guild system

4. Will there be resource shuffle at the end of this wave, before wave #1?
=> There will be a resource shuffle yes.

5.What will the skillcap be this wave?
=> 400 skillcap
=> It is still unknown if Wave 1 and 2 will have a skillcap of 400

6. Which new features can we expect?
=> MMO Guild System (Version 0,9. still under development)
=> Politics (Diplomacy/Alliances/War Declarations, no more JH)
=> Guild Management (Guild ranks and permissions, still under development)
=> Freeze/Lag when crossing claim borders has been eliminated.

7. At the moment people turn of their claim border at night when it’s dark to see if people are coming.
=> Probably we’ll create a scope/sight range, so claims are only visible from a certain range. It’s on the list todo, but it’s not a high priority.

8. Will the new guild system have the current YO claim system or the planned realm claims?
=> It will be much like the YO claims, but there will be a city zone(town claim)/country zones (realm claim).
=> City zone is a fixed size, country size will grow up.
=> See the wiki (bottom of the page) for details on sizes:

9. When can we expect Instances Battles?
=> Instanced battle will come eventually, but not soon, maybe this year, maybe next.

10. How will sieges work?
=> A series of battles, that will degrade the monument tier to it’s original size (Tier 1)
=> At Tier 1 (down to just the city claim, not a country claim) then you are vulnerable to a siege.
=> When declared a siege, there is a window of 24 hours in which the siege will be.
=> Siege will hold about 200 - 300 players
=> If that many players affects server performance then there will be instanced battles. Which includes all the players on the list and the castle. It’s not their preference, but it’s a lot better for performance overall.
=> Note: These are just the plans, it’s not set in stone yet.

11. When can we expect the new animal AI?
=> Animal AI will be in this short beta test wave.

12. When can we expect the new combat mechanics?
=> They’re trying their best to implement it at Wave #1, but don’t count on it. It might even be tested on YO first.

13. When can we expect the native NPCs?
=> Hopefully January/February. It will take at least a couple of months.
=> NPC areas will be protected by special monuments. Players can only raid the natives villages, not interact with the claim.

14. What can you tell us about tree and crops growth rate?
=> Ingame days last 5 hours,
=> Crop will not change, about 9/10 ingame days for crops to crow. So 50 real life hours.
=> Trees will grow slower than now, expect trees to take weeks to grow (but not months).

15. Do seasons and regions affect crop/tree growth?
=> Seasons and weather will affect growth rate, for crops you need a balance of rainy/sunny weather. Spring and Summer will be optimal for growing crops, while farming in the winter does not work. For Trees rainy/cloudy weather is best.
=> Region Location will affect seasons and weather conditions. In the North it is mostly Winter so ideal for Tree growth. In the South crops and trees grow not as good, but is ideal for animals. Middle area will be ideal for crop growth.

16. At the moment players plant and wait until harvest, will any content be added? Like watering in the middle of growth for a better yield.
=> This is not a high priority, in real life you also plant and just wait. Maybe we’ll do something about it before the release.

17. When can we expect the new armor systems?
=> Almost done, probably in YO within 2 weeks.

18. How will Racial Armors work?
=> All armors look like they fit 1 specific race. We have plans to provide armor for each race separately, but it’s not decided yet. F.e. it might look weird having a mongol in a full plate armor set. They can’t promise that all armors will have an equivalent for every race.

19. Will there be any other building materials other than wood, f.e. for areas without wood.
=> At the moment only plaster and wood. But they agree there should be more resource diversity at some point.

20. Where do you spawn when you die without a bind spot?
=> You will always spawn in the central city

21. Will the durability of walls/keeps change?
=> Yes for example keeps should have a higher durability than a wall.

22. When can we expect the MMO servers to go live again?
=> They can’t make any promises, somewhere next month there will be a longer and bigger beta then right now. Once they are ready they will release a beta wave that will take a few weeks.

23. Can you expand on coin minting?
=> Bobik’s dream is a economic system where every realm makes his own currency, like in real life. With real stocks and shares. Every realm can set prices in their trade post in their own currency. There will be a virtual stock system where you can exchange silver coins into Kingdom coins. The amount of deals/trades will affect the conversation ratio. The currency ratio will also be infected by major guild events like wars and sieges.
=> Coins can also be melted back down into silver/gold. So if a guild/kingdom disband, their currency is still worth something.
=> Coin Minting will probably require jewelry. You need to be a kingdom (have a vassal) before your guild can mint coins. Creating the actual coins is not the issue, the difficulty is creating (and maintaining) the value of your coins.

24. What items will be in the ingame shop?
=> No Pay to Win items, most items are cosmetic. There will be booster items though, that temporary boost skills or items. These booster are the furthest they will go in term of ‘pay to win’ items.

25. How much will additional characters cost on the MMO?
=> Not decided yet, the community voted for 20 euros for the 1st character and 10 euros for additional characters. But this is not set in stone.

26. When can we expect horse drawn carts?
=> 20% of it is done, it’s not a high priority at the moment. Unfortunately it is taking longer than expected,

27. Will the alignment system be the same on the MMO?
=> Yes it will work the same.
=> But during official guild wars/sieges, you will not take the alignment hit.

28. When can we expect the climbing system/falling dmg?
=> This year, maybe November

29. When can we expect the 64 bit client?
=> No promises on this, it’s close to being done. Maybe this year.

30. When can we expect gatehouses with drawbridges?
=> A good idea but not a priority, not under development.

31. When can we expect animal group behavior/animal intellect?
=> It will come at some point, after the NPC behavior.

32. Any plans for the intellect skills?
=> It will be tweaked as it is underpowered, next week or next month.
=> 1 point in intellect will give +2 skillcap. So 50 points will hand 100 extra max skillpoints.

33. Any plans on the shouts, especially coward shout?
=> Yes it will be rebalanced. Coward shout will only work on players a peaceful stance (including flee), not on players in combat stance.

34. Any plans on the fighting animations?
=> They already improved some animations, but they will keep tweaking these to improve them.

35. The map is really diverse, some areas are really difficult to build up, for example the desert is a harsh place. What's the plan on this?
=> This is as planned, some areas are harder to live in and will rely more on trading. These areas will be less contested like the more popular areas, so it also has advantages. Plus the desert has other advantages, like having more horses.

36. Will unit formation only be available to spearman (due to the 400 skillcap)
=> Only the leader has to be a spearman, so one person needs to unlock the unit formation. Others in the unit can be any class they want.
=> The effect of the unit depends on the skill of the unit leader and the amount of people inside the formation.

37. Will we ever see a spear + shield combination?
=> Most likely yes, there is no reason why not. It is not overpowered.

38. Will we ever be able to remove support beams?
=> No plans for this, please report any bugs/griefing mechanics that are in the game with support beams at the moments.

39. How will different ore types affect the outcome of weapons and armor?
=> The maximum quality for armor/weapon depends on the type of ore: 60 iron, 80 steel, 100 vostaskus
=> It’s still being worked on to prevent you from turning low quality ore into high quality armor. So the quality of the ore you start out with, will be more important on determining the final quality.

40. Will unique items have specials affect, be more valuable?
=> This will be combined with regional crafting and resources. When crafting lower tier/quality items you have a chance of a random blueprint to pop up. These blueprints are the only way to create high tier weapons/armor. For these high types you need specific regional resources. For example wood from the North, leather from the East and ore from the South. It will not be completely unique

41. Can you give guild permissions to allied guilds?
=> Yes, you can set rules/permissions on objects per rank, per guild, per diplomacy setting and even individual players.

42. Will town claims grow as in YO?
=> No in the MMO there is a fixed town claim size of 35 radius, it will never grow. Claim protection is the same as YO guild claims, everything is protected apart from wars/sieges.
= There is also a country claim, objects here are not protected.
= Guild Leaders can assign personal claims to players inside their realm claim.

43. Any plans for managing houses/bind spots?
=> Yes this will be added at some point, but they can’t tell when.

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Re: Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

Post by Danielhoglan » 28 Oct 2016, 20:01

ty vince

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Re: Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

Post by Gordon der Eiserne » 28 Oct 2016, 21:02

THX Vince nice Job :good:

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Re: Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

Post by KazCroute » 28 Oct 2016, 21:25

Thx, really

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Re: Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

Post by RegnarofAberon » 29 Oct 2016, 10:52

thx have listend to the interview 3 times but this is better to get a overhead of what really was talked about

nice work

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Re: Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

Post by Karabas » 29 Oct 2016, 23:56

Darius wrote:=>10x skill multiplier.

but seems its *1 here how.... or even less
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Re: Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

Post by Sharana » 30 Oct 2016, 10:13

Karabas wrote:
Darius wrote:=>10x skill multiplier.

but seems its *1 here how.... or even less

It is x10, but from the MMO designed skill progression time. And it feels about x1 on LiF:YO yes.

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Re: Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

Post by Artoria Pendragon » 30 Oct 2016, 13:25

Sharana wrote:
Karabas wrote:
Darius wrote:=>10x skill multiplier.

but seems its *1 here how.... or even less

It is x10, but from the MMO designed skill progression time. And it feels about x1 on LiF:YO yes.

may i ask that ,will this short wave test be wiped ?
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Re: Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

Post by Sharana » 30 Oct 2016, 14:13

Lophier wrote:may i ask that ,will this short wave test be wiped ?

Will be decided tomorrow.

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Re: Dev Interview 27 Oct. @ 1900 (Moscow time)

Post by Saar » 03 Nov 2016, 14:05

Traduction française disponible sur le site Von Culm

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