Development News #150 — Fog, Fixes, Outposts

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Development News #150 — Fog, Fixes, Outposts

Post by Arrakis » 05 Apr 2019, 17:27


Hey, Feudalists!

As mentioned in previous dev news, this week we also stayed focused on fixing the bugs and tweaking existing gameplay in weekly patches. Today’s patch is dedicated mostly to the outposts. We have determined that outposts should not completely replace the extraction of resources, but should simplify the gathering of regional items, or the gathering of resources that are difficult to reach in a particular area, such as sand and clay by increasing production rates for these resources. Having that in mind, we have tweaked some production rates of the Outposts. You can find what has changed in the patch notes.

Among other fixes and tweaks here and there, in this patch we have packed shader, localization and EULA files into packs to prevent their alteration on the client side — this also includes removal of the fog. However, we hear your concerns that the fog makes it uncomfortable to play on certain screen setting adjustments, and would like to let you know that our art team is now looking into how the fog can be redesigned so that everyone can play comfortably regardless of their display settings.

We will continue focusing on tweaks and fixes in the next patches, just as planned, thank you, everyone, for your reports!

In other news, this week we have a whole three guilds who have beat the 0.2.0 challenges.

Askanjeros Zwirblers have cleared the My House is My Keep Challenge by having built a Wooden Keep.


BarBariaNs have also beat this challenge by building a Castle Keep.


And Evil Forces guild were the first ones to complete the Pillars of Community challenge.


The ‘My House is My Keep’ challenge is officially beat now as all the Keeps have been built.
We’d like to congratulate the guilds for completing the challenges and are looking forward to new victories!
In case you missed, last Friday we had a very productive session with Bobik and Binart and community representatives from various guilds all across Abella and the world. We would like to thank everyone once again for coming and taking part in the conversation. A lot of things were discussed, and suggestions and ideas have been noted by our team and this has kindled a discussion among our game design team, so, stay tuned!
You can check the stream recording from Diddly Dale, who has kindly agreed to host the AMA, here.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!

— The Team

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