Development News #40 - ‘Ring the Bell!’

What are we currently working on.
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Development News #40 - ‘Ring the Bell!’

Post by Arrakis » 25 Feb 2017, 11:56


And then came the Khoors, venturing to those lands, marked by the Sword of Godmassacre, thrusted into the earth just like the great grandfathers bequeathed as a token of peace and readiness for the nemesis at the same time. And stepped they upon the seeded fields, and entered the homes, and picked up their arms against those who lived there. And engraved was on the Sword: ‘This land is ours’, and the truth it was.

Then someone named Lut rang a bell set upon high pillars of stone, as it was accustomed there. Those pillars was carved with rich imprints of the god, Terskel the One-Handed, whose horn still trumpets among the stars. By his side were the Ice Konungs Snowstorm, Kald and Icehorn. They were the guards for our Sleeping God; let the darkness harbor him for eternity.

And the great ringing rolled over the land; and many Khoors covered their ears in efforts to muffle it; and the aim of theirs was poor; and their targets were saved.
Others stood stunned together, and were easily beaten...

Abstract from "The life of Gottlungs, Slavards and Khoors"
by Hon. akur Taid Utrik,
translated to common tongue by maester Rainar.


Hi feudalists!

As some of you may have guessed, bell towers will allow you to better protect your settlements and territories from hostile raids. When a bell is rung, intruders will get temporary debuffs while on the hostile claim. The towers will be operational any time but Judgement Hours will only affect related claim territory.

Of course, to ring a bell, it takes a player action, and if a bell tower is built outside a claimed territory, its effects will be purely cosmetic (ring sound) with no gameplay-related features.

It’s likely that the bell towers will be divided into 3 types:
— For small underdeveloped settlements — fully wooden ones;
— For medium level towns — wooden and metal constructions;
— For top end huge cities and fortresses — stone and metal ones.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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Re: Development News #40 - ‘Ring the Bell!’

Post by Elindor » 25 Feb 2017, 13:52

Very nice.

Shouldn't ringing the bell make every hostile player "grey"?

Actually, shouldn't hostile players ALWAYS be "grey" on a claim?
By "grey" I mean that if a non-friendly player is on your claim you should be able to attack them without losing alignment....and that should not require any actions by the defending players.

But if it does need to require an action, then have a Tresspasser call or a bell being rung mark all hostile players on the claim be marked "grey" until they leave that claim.

Basically, players shouldn't lose alignment for attacking someone on their claim.

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Re: Development News #40 - ‘Ring the Bell!’

Post by Khan- » 25 Feb 2017, 15:20

Disponible en Français : sur

sad, I hoped it was a religious building :(

but if we really can hear them from long distance, then, that's cool :)
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Re: Development News #40 - ‘Ring the Bell!’

Post by I_Spartacus_I » 25 Feb 2017, 18:14

So more features to discourage PvP, just what are these temporary debuffs? Release the new armor already too.

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Re: Development News #40 - ‘Ring the Bell!’

Post by Hallegra » 27 Feb 2017, 01:12

As long as there's not something stupid like damaging attacking players, this may work.

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Re: Development News #40 - ‘Ring the Bell!’

Post by Ishamael » 27 Feb 2017, 01:12

This is a bullshit feature that is not in the spirit of the original game. Please remove this. Why was this added in the first place? I thought the community already voted not to add this.
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Re: Development News #40 - ‘Ring the Bell!’

Post by Jackstark5 » 27 Feb 2017, 01:14

So are you going to add an ear covering skill to counter this? I really hope you don't implement this, it will discourage raiding which is already a task. Please do not do this.
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Re: Development News #40 - ‘Ring the Bell!’

Post by JackStark » 27 Feb 2017, 01:18

How about when the bell is ringing friendlies and enemies alike only have an option to hug each other?!?!?! FRIENDSHIP BELL 2017!!!

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Re: Development News #40 - ‘Ring the Bell!’

Post by Frang » 27 Feb 2017, 01:23

Well what's the debuff?

There is better ways to prevent camping a claim. Or having off line players logging in. Just TP people off the claim.

Will this debuff work in war? Is it going to be a stun? How long is the buff?

I am fine for a system to help protect a claim from being camped for a extended period of time. But this is a sandbox game and to me that means players need to make other players leave a claim not some debuff to help the defenders.

If a claim is being camped then the ones being camped should find a larger group to help protect them.

I hope that this will not be added to the game. I have high hopes for this game and frankly I been following and supporting you guys for years and this kind of stuff seems like a insult to pvpers.

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Re: Development News #40 - ‘Ring the Bell!’

Post by DannyBR » 27 Feb 2017, 01:23

Yay ! another way of enabling the tiny 3 player groups to defend themselves from huge groups that should rightfully be able to crush them into the fucking ground if they wish

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