Development News #7 - Give Peace a Chance

What are we currently working on.
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Development News #7 - Give Peace a Chance

Post by Arrakis » 01 Apr 2016, 10:03

It’s about time we embraced the concept of teamwork - we’d love to see what you guys can accomplish by working together!

After much deliberation, we firmly believe that bringing our community together will be much more beneficial to the growth of Life is Feudal and so, we have decided that there is going to be no more PVP. It's time to put down your swords and raise up as one.

All we are saying is, ‘give peace a chance’!


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Re: Development News #7 - Give Peace a Chance

Post by Kaienmuerte » 05 Aug 2016, 00:43

Development of casual-non combat aspects of the game could help much better than agitation through posters. :D
As for me, I'm strongly waiting for furniture bonuses to be applied, for animation of sleeping in the bed, for additional animations of emotions, for some extra models of casual clothes. I going crazy of absence of carpet made of bear pelts in my bedroom!

It would improve the immersion, atmosphere in game in total.

New combat moves are awesome, but I think LiF is still possible without war.

Mmm, I think it would be a good idea to introduce some voice jokes emotions. On a feudal motive. Different jokes for different races. It would enrich the customisation experience. And would give more brightful realisation of voices aspect.

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