[MOD][Client] EllianMod::ConsoleTweaker v4 (Approved for YO)

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[MOD][Client] EllianMod::ConsoleTweaker v4 (Approved for YO)

Post by Ellian810 » 18 Jan 2017, 05:51

* size of the console depends of your screen size

This mod is a client side mod.
It customs the display of the console.
This mod is very useful when you are working with the console.
You can type a command and view the direct impact on the game.
You can play the game and view the information on the console.

It has two modes:

  • medium console without input field, displayed in the background (not sensitive to mouse click and keyboard input)
  • large console with input field in the foreground (as the basic console sensitive to mouse click and keyboard inputs)

## Installation
No more installation needed.

## Usage

  • Open the console using `ctrl`+`~` or `ctrl`+`ù`
  • Press 'ctrl+l' to switch between the medium to large mode

Included into the Mod loader:
Mod Loader

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