[MOD][Client] EllianMod::InstantMessage (Approved for YO)

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[MOD][Client] EllianMod::InstantMessage (Approved for YO)

Post by Ellian810 » 05 May 2017, 12:05

This mod is a client side mod.

This mod allows you to send messages to anybody using the mod.
The messages are sent to a third party server.
So if you don't trust me, don't use the mod.

The messages can be sent to a given player or to your whole guild.
Messages can be also "instantaneous" to be displayed directly on the screen of the player.

Every time that somebody is ordering something in the CraftOrder mod, a instant message is sent to all the members of the guild.

  • Mailbox icon

  • Message box with new message window

## Installation
No more installation needed.

## Usage
  • Click on the mailbox icon
  • Perform a 'ctrl' + 'm'

Included into the Mod loader:
Mod Loader

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