Feedback on Ressource Quality System.

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Feedback on Ressource Quality System.

Post by Sunleader » 27 Sep 2018, 19:07

This has actually been something that Annoyed me for quite a while now.
So I want to Talk about it.

You See.
In the Game everything has a certain Quality.
And this Quality is basicly the Defining Factor of it.

Moreover this Quality is vastly Affected by everything.
And Affects almost everything.

But at the same time.
The Quality really ends up being an Absolute Modifier which takes out each and every variety from the Game.

To put it in Simple Terms.
Longsword A with 50 Quality will always be Worse than Longsword B with 60 Quality.
There is no Difference between these two Items.
The Quality just means that Longsword B will be Better in anything and everything by Default.

Nothing you do will ever Change that.
Same for any other Ressource.
A Wooden Plank with 60Q is always Better than a Wooden Plank with 40Q.
It doesnt Matter if its from an Oak Tree or from a Birch.
The only Difference is Soft and Hard Wood which is seperated entirely.

You dont need any Quality to Craft either.
Even Quality 10 Ressource can be used for High End Stuff if you want to.
So even here there is really no difference at all.

And this is Wasting Tons of Potential Depth to the Game.
Because your basicly having a Large and Complex System which has little meaning in the end thus being Complicated but not Deep.

Hence what the Player ends up with.
Is a Crafting system where he basicly has the Wiki Open in the Backround and just does what the Wiki tells him without any actual input from himself.

As the entire System is a Clear Ladder and the only thing that Counts is higher Quality = Better Item.
There is simply no need for anything else and no Variation in what you do at all.

I would really Like to see some Variations in that System.

For example.
Some Improvement could be done using the System already used for Iron and Expanding on it for different Ressources.

So Wood if its just Sawed out. Would be normal Hardwood Softwood Boards just like now.
But there could be Process to Refine them.
For example into Coated Boards.
Where you use some Alchemy Ingredients from Animals.
Similar to how you use Flux to make Steel from Iron.

Normal Boards would similar to Iron get a Quality Modifier.
Thus Items Crafted with just normal Boards having lower Quality.
And some Items Requiring Refined Boards to begin with.

Another Option would be to allow General Refining by Selection.
So High Quality Iron for example would be very Pure.
It will yield High Quality from the Start.
But you could also Refine lower Quality Iron by Smelting it again and again.
So If you Smelt 5 Quality 50 Iron Ingots you might get 4 Quality 55 Iron Ingots. And so on.
Of course this Process would cause alot of Waste.
Thus making it Desirable to have high Quality Iron from the Start.
But it would give a Use to the Material Itself.

So that unlike right now.
Where Low Quality Iron is basicly just Mined out and then Dumped on the Ground.
The Low Quality Iron would get some Use because while you would need alot of it to get a Decent Quality out of it.
It would actually be able to be used and thus would not constantly just be Discarded.

The same could be done for Sand and Clay.
By Filtering Sand with Water through a Tool you could wash the Dirt out of it. Thus making it Cleaner and higher Quality.

This would in General offer some Options for alot more Materials to be used.
And give some Depth to the System as Lower Quality Resource can be Used by Refining them.
Thus giving Players an Option if they want to Refine it and make High Quality Items or rather make more Low Quality Items instead.

And Finally an Option would also be to give different Materials Different Effects when used.
For example.
Steel and Iron instead of being just a Quality Difference.
Could actually have different Effects.
So Steel could for example be Lighter and Sharper.
Thus increasing Slashing Damage and making Swords better to Carry.
Meanwhile Iron could actually be Heavier and Softer. So it would actually Increase Blunt Damage and be more Durable than Steel.
Hence Steel actually dealing less Damage and Requiring way Better Quality than Iron to actually Surpass Iron in Durability.

This would add some Options to actually Variate the System and give some Worth to Materials beyond just Quality.
Thus taking a Lower Quality at least in some cases might be worth it over taking a Higher Quality. Because the lower Quality Materials Bonus might be Better than what the Refined Materials will give you for that Specific Item.

Just some Toughts.

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