[NA] Feudal Union - Military Alliance

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[NA] Feudal Union - Military Alliance

Post by FeudalUnion » 08 Nov 2017, 18:14



Extended Alliance Charter(Subject to change)

Below contains guilds and their vassals.

1. Prosperity
- Forsaken
- Convictus

2. Ardent Maples

3. Blood Vikings

4. Vinterskorn

The names listed above are subject to change at anytime, this thread is also meant to be used as an official reference book for our alliance.

Contact Information.


Discord Contacts: Seton#9659, Gizmaul#1875, Riptose#6965, Dakkon#5347.

Website - https://prosperitygaming.net/


Discord Contacts: FreshMango55#2678, Karl#8293, Suntuz#4843.

Website - http://www.bloodvikingsgaming.com/


Discord Contacts: CaptainNachoCheese ᚠ#4947, Whiskey#3254, ApocCali#0329.



Discord Contacts: (VS) Stark#4794, (VS) Andrej#1107.

Website: http://www.vinterskorn.com/


The purpose for this post is to submit our alliance as an official presence on the NA LIFMMO servers and make ourselves known to the NA community, any and all information on this post is subject to change at anytime.

Please use the discord contacts listed above for any and all political inquiries related to our alliance.

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Re: [NA] Feudal Union - Military Alliance

Post by Gizmaul » 14 Nov 2017, 20:53

Thanks to everyone that has reached out over the past week.

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Re: [NA] Feudal Union - Military Alliance

Post by Dedumo » 16 Nov 2017, 15:44

Just added the alliance information page on the prosperity gaming site :D

Enjoy! https://prosperitygaming.net/feudal-union/

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