First localizations, network overhaul, along with some fixes (

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First localizations, network overhaul, along with some fixes (

Post by Arrakis » 18 Sep 2015, 11:32

Аnthill: the only word we can use to describe how the studio looks right now. While juggling quite a lot of work simultaneously, in order to prepare the playable DX11 build, as well as a new terraforming tunnel generation system, special attacks and combat system tweaks, plus user voted features - as well as many of our own, we’re wanting to keep on providing other features, along with bug and crash fixes and optimization.
On top of all of this, we have implemented the BETA of our localization system with three languages (Russian, Portuguese-Brazilian and French)! Expect that this text may not look completely correct and may be misaligned, but generally, you should be able to see all of the text and voice overs translated.

Patch notes (ver.

New features:
  • You can now switch interface language via Esc menu -> Controls -Interface tab. You’ll need to restart your client to see changes.
  • Optimized and tweaked the networking system. You should experience smoother movement of other players, animals and horses on your screen. Your feedback will be much appreciated!
  • Implemented Training dummy and Archery range target functionality. You can hit them with your weapons to raise your combat skills now.
  • Windmills can now be used to grind wheat “en masse”
  • You can use torches as siege weaponry to damage some small or medium buildings in melee range
  • Implemented a proper “Prayer for Homecoming” mechanic. You will now appear on a bed inside your house, rather than on the roof. Time to place some beds inside your home and don’t forget about the Feng shui system while doing this :)

Bug fixes:
  • Reduced probability of random events while travelling and performing abilities.
  • Fixed a crash on client exit
  • 3rd person view camera should no longer shake with player animations
  • Amount of containers (200+ pouches) in your inventory should no longer prevent you from connecting the game
  • Incomplete construction sites and ruins now decay properly. Small objects (campfires, furnaces etc) do not leave ruins now.
  • You can now open containers inside building containers (for instance: open a bag, that is lying inside a warehouse)
  • While carrying a large movable object on your back, entering a war stance will make you drop that object instantly
  • Shield bash of a mounted player no longer provides any harmful effects with an infinite duration
  • “No more ammo” message will arrive properly now to receiver
  • Fixed bow reload speed decreasing while leveling your skill above 30
  • “God’s Love” blessing stacking has been removed and you can no longer bless yourself while within the group
  • A proper message should appear while inviting an offline player to a unit
  • Pike slide message spam has been removed
  • Implemented and updated a couple of sounds
  • Added emotes cooldown
  • Coop and stable windows that failed to reappear after some extended use are now fixed

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