First person view aka “Villager possession 101”

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First person view aka “Villager possession 101”

Post by Arrakis » 28 Aug 2016, 17:30

Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Hey again!

We’ve noticed a lot of questions about first person view and what can you use it for aside from screenshots making. We’ll devote this announcement to fight some fallacies around first person view mode. Here is a list of things you need to know about first person view:

  • When you possess a villager you can press “1”. That will issue a rallying command and will temporarily increase working and movement speed of everyone around you including yourself! We plan to add more abilities in later stages of development. We remind you about: suggestions tool where you can observe other players suggestions, vote for them or offer your own suggestions to improve gameplay of LiF: Forest Village
  • If you see a pesky fox sneaking toward your coop and your hunters are too deep in the woods to react in time - possess a nearby villager and slay the beast! You just have to be close to it and click on it the same way you click to perform other actions.
  • You can actually hunt in the wilderness by yourself this way if you run out of furs or simply do not want a wild bear to wander through your village
  • You can speed up construction of key buildings and roads, by doing it manually in the first person view mode. A villager under your possession will not walk around to find a better angle to swing his hammer :)
  • But be careful that if you take over a villager and control him for too long, he can die of hunger or freeze to death!

These are just some of examples - we encourage our players to explore and find new ways of using the first person view mode we’ve implemented in our game!

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Re: First person view aka “Villager possession 101”

Post by Cunk » 29 Aug 2016, 00:16

You've gotten LiF:FV news in my peanut butter..

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