GM Mode Patch ( is out!

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GM Mode Patch ( is out!

Post by Bobik » 27 Sep 2014, 11:21

We have removed the shackles from your creativity! You can now officially use GM mode in Your Own worlds. List of GM Mode commands and an interactive items DB can be found on our site:

Warning! GM commands are designed to override normal gameplay flow and may cause different issues in your world! Use them with caution and at your own risk!

Patch notes (ver.

  • Fully implemented GM mode

  • You can observe players in your world via Esc -> Players menu. GMs can kick and ban players via that menu

  • Fixed Drying rack. For real. If it is still not working one of our team members will be fed to Boris

  • Fixed a bug where you could start yielding even when in a knockdown or [b]dead[/b] state. No more zombies! Realistic medieval FTW! :)

  • Dung is now properly consumed from your inventory while using it as a fertilizer

  • Reworked all herbalism ingredients to be easier to spot in your inventory

  • Added a few missing items and objects icons

  • Fixed/added Light Scale gauntlets/greaves crafting recipes

  • Fixed a few server and client side crashes

  • Added some more debug info to locate most notorious server and client crashes


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