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[US/EU] Gryphons Roost

Post by Codyalandrum1992 » 12 Mar 2019, 21:29

Gryphons Roost is laid back but active guild with a focus on a fun environment to enables you to play the game how you like to play it. Our leadership are veterans of Life is Feudal with years of experience in running multi-hundred man guilds in Life is Feudal MMO and Your Own, this knowledge aids us in building guilds from the ground up and actively maintain a castle town and manage the guilds social environment. We are mostly North American/ Europe based ourselves but accept any time zone, with a willingness to play.

We, at Gryphons Roost, are recruiting new and experienced players, with experienced players teaching you anything you need to, or wish to know to enjoy the game. Additionally we have no required crafting or combat skills, you choose how you want to play. Additionally we are a member of a coalition in the area were located, that is focused on mutual defense and trade. Beyond preventing and responding to outside aggression the coalition aims to craft a better more meaningful PVP experience for members of the coalition, without the politics impacting your gameplay.

Hop in discord, shoot us a message and stay to talk it up!
Join Here: https://discord.gg/EYhGnMX
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