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Judgment Patch (

Post by Bobik » 27 Mar 2015, 16:42

We are doing everything in our power to stay true to our roadmap and provide you with both content updates AND bugfixes. The current patch is an illustration of our intentions.

Judgment Hour is a new setting available for your Worlds. You can set a starting and ending time and a weekly schedule of Judgment Hour in real life hours. While Judgement Hour is active ALL alignment penalties will not be active and claims protection is void. That is time for you to wage war with someone without fear of lowered alignment consequences. Otherwise, killing a member of any other guild will sacrifice some points towards progress of your own guild monument!

Next month we plan to provide you with basic siege weapons, so Judgment hour will be your time to break into someone’s settlement or protect yours from others breaking in.

Patch notes (ver.
  • Implemented Judgment Hour gameplay feature. Do not forget to adjust its schedule on private servers and ask your server admins to do that on a dedicated ones
  • Made a major particle system rework. In current and following patches you will notice more adequate particle effects in our game (fire, smoke, blood etc)
  • You can now grind in our game :) ! Quern-stone is now working and should be used as a tool to grind wheat into flour. Windmill with advanced mass grinding mechanics will be implemented later
  • Slightly shifted camera position in War Mode. We will provide a more user friendly camera behaviour in one of the next patches
  • Optimized network code - effect will be hardly noticeable, unless you try to gather a crowd of players
  • Added voice chat indicator. You can move it or close it while in Interface editing mode (F10)
  • Added Shadow distance video setting. You might want to tune it down to reduce “morning lag” that is caused by long shadow render. Shadow mechanics will be fixed in one of the following patches
  • Added a button in your settings that will reset all “Don't pop up those messages” flags on your client
  • Fixed private claim of objects (timer) that worked improperly under some circumstances
  • Fixed multiple issues that appeared after a player in GM mode entered and left camera mode. (Still GM Mode is not really safe for all in game interactions.) Use it only when you actually need to do something godly and then turn it off for your and your world safety!
  • Fixed a server crash, when you are kicking an offline guild member from a guild
  • Fixed some damaged state assets
  • Fixed map dialogue buttons
  • Multiple minor bug and crash fixes

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