LiF:YO Early Alpha (version

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LiF:YO Early Alpha (version

Post by Bobik » 24 Sep 2014, 17:53

This patch will be live tomorrow (Thursday) at aprox. 1 pm GMT to avoid any possible issues it may cause in prime time. 

  • Fixed some rare client connection crashes while joining a server with exotic tunnel combinations
  • Added additional debug info for client crashes to locate them faster
  • Fixed some of the more frequent client crashes. There are still a good amount left, but we’ll get them sooner or later
  • Fixed item dupe bug. Reporter received 1 LiF:YO CD key as a token of gratitude
  • Fixed some serious server crashes
  • Skillcap setting should properly work now. You should be able to set skillcap up to 3000
  • In game text chat should properly separate chat lines when non-standard characters are used (Cyrillic for instance)
  • Fixed and added some more system chat messages to ease understanding of what the game wants from you
  • Bone glue should be now accessible as a recipe at 0 level of Procuration skill
  • Skinning of wild animals should now drop Thin and Thick hides
  • Fixed tanning tub and drying rack objects. The entire leather production chain should be working now
  • Campfires, forges and other devices that burn fuel should work properly now
  • Server browser should work faster now, but there are some issues left in it
  • Buildings are now claimed for 24 real life hours instead of 12
  • Minor fixes to units and formation bonus effects
  • EULA checkbox and button were tweaked to be properly visible :)
  • There should be less or no achievements spam or false achievements triggering
  • Tracking abilities are named properly now
  • Added missing legs parts in rag clothes
  • We have created a ping response protocol, that can be useful for hosting providers to detect if game server is up or down to auto restart it. More info is in readme.txt of dedicated server

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