LiF YO weather and farming calendar (Feb 2017)

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LiF YO weather and farming calendar (Feb 2017)

Post by Reeve7891 » 15 Feb 2017, 08:49


I have looked around and found no current weather calendar. So I created a new one that I would like to share with you. Tha data came from the cm_weather1.xml file in the LiF YO server files. Just copy the Google sheet into your drive to edit it. ... sp=sharing

Edit the first date so that the calendar is syncronized with your server.

The colored cells show which weather is on this day and the numbers in the colored cell shows in which growth tick you are. Now you only have to add 8 and you can see which ingame day and real date and time the harvest will be ready.

For example: on the 5th of march we are in the growth tick 4 the harvest will be finished in the growth tick 12. This is on april 1st (ingame).

At first tests, he seemed to work reliably. Please give me feedback, if you find errors.

regards reeve

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