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LiF:Your Own (version

Post by Arrakis » 20 Feb 2016, 11:38

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:
  • Added visible changes for all four in-game seasons
  • Added many decorative objects that can be used to increase the beauty of your settlement
  • Added a herbal garden, which can be used to grow certain types of herbs
  • Implemented auto-repeat functionality in most crafting abilities. You can modify a certain tag (autocraft - possible/always/none) in skill_types.xml
  • Provided more rendering optimization (mostly forest related)
  • Added more visually appealing wind effects on trees
  • You can unequip an item with a double click
  • Tweaked the amount of white meat gained from rabbits and chicken
  • Updated multiple architecture models (Kitchen, Carpenter’s Shop, Warehouse etc.)
  • You can now move items quickly in Alchemy window via Ctrl+Click
  • Minor weapons tweaks

Bug fixes:
  • Particles now use GPU instead of CPU. This should provide a significant boost of frame rates in most cases
  • Significantly optimized horse collision detection model. This should provide a significant performance boost on servers and clients
  • Fixed tunnel materials generation bug
  • Fixed tunnel selection functionality (when holding Right Mouse button and targeting a tunnel wall)
  • Object demolition that results in ruins should no longer significantly freeze a server
  • Horse movement should look smooth now
  • Piercing bolt ability does no longer allow to shoot through obstacles
  • Volley ability AoE area is now correctly displayed (arrows will actually hit that area now)
  • Fixed alchemy achievement (Herbalist-Chemist) incorrect calculations. Players are able to properly unlock that achievement now
  • Multiple GUI fixes
  • Fixed inventory icon positions being shifted in certain conditions
  • A proper message will appear if you don’t have enough arrows while triggering Volley ability
  • Weight limit no longer applies on players in GM mode
  • An unfinished Monument will no longer decay at a fast rate

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