Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

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Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

Post by Arrakis » 23 Dec 2016, 19:07

Life is Feudal: MMO

Hey everyone,

With the release of the current patch we have tried to create a Christmas mood in the game. We've added holiday hats, boots and mittens in this patch! Put them on and wear them with pleasure. Let Santa know, that Life Is Feudal should be the next place for him to come visit!
To create your hats and other items, you must have linen as well as wool or silk cloth. The required materials depend on the type of item you desire. Sew it with the Weaver's Toolkit. For boots and mittens you need just one linen cloth for each item.

The main news for our beta testers is, that we plan to enable Judgment Hour on Sunday at 6 p.m. UTC (10 a.m. PST). Judgment hour will only be enabled for 1 hour and devoted only to testing its mechanics. We do not expect you to inflict major damage upon each other in just 1 hour, but Life IS Feudal :) During Judgment Hour guilds that are in a state of official war will be able to damage and destroy assets on each other claims, loot containers, well, as you did it many times in LiF:YO.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks (previous patches included):
  • Added Christmas is feudal special set of craftable items - hats, boots and gloves
  • Judgment hour mechanics have been adapted for the MMO
  • Updated stamina spending on Collect a bark, Search for Something Edible, Gather Plant Fiber, Fish, Saw out a …, Gather Wild Plants abilities
  • Following abilities have decreased skill raise speed now: Construct, Saw out a Billet, Saw out a Board, Bowcraft, Gather Wild Plants, Get a Sprout, Tame.
  • Grind ability has been buffed a little
  • You can now bind yourself to siege tents and keeps. Resurrecting there will significantly decrease your resurrection sickness. Recommended to do only for important warriors in an events involving sieges/raids.
  • Implemented a shiny new GM robe, old GM robe is called "Believer Robe" now.
  • Torch can now be easily made out of basic materials and does not require naphtha. It does not require Demolition skill and deals VERY low siege damage
  • Added new weapon item "Siege Torch". Made with Warfare Engineering from naphtha, required Demolition skill, has normal siege damage
  • Added a loosen snow substance to avoid steep hills being created with snow
  • Added sow, cow and hind wild animals to the game
  • Decreased wild animals chance to inflict wound/fracture/stun
  • Removed ability to block with a pike
  • Defensive fence: damage now dependent on actual durability instead of objects weight
  • Boar and moose attacks damaging sector/reach increased
  • Wild animals should be properly animated on steep terrain tiles
  • Entities: loot, dropped objects, tombstones, corpses are now excluded from "Inspect Object" ability
  • Shape ability is now back in Material preparation skill.
  • Mortar and pestle can now be crafted with a branch as other primitive tools
  • Players should have a proper invulnerability buff, after log in and recall to home. Effect disappears as soon as player starts movement.
  • Adding support of Czech and Korean languages.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed network behavior of our Dispatcher server. That should drastically decrease all connection related problem our players has suffered from. A full and proper fix will be deployed later next week.
  • Fixed some issues with Guild Monuments not upgrading
  • Players that have fallen under the terrain should be returned back to the surface automatically
  • Fixed rare crashes on tooltips
  • Fixed formations related bug that could result in a huge defense bonus making player almost invulnerable
  • Fixed permanently sliding/hanging horses
  • Optimized wild animals navmesh. That should improve performance during maintenance, but might increase new world creation time
  • Fixed emotes sounds
We hope you enjoy today's patch!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

P.S. Due to many requests we’ve decided to make first JH at Sunday.

- The team

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Re: Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

Post by Aout » 23 Dec 2016, 19:21

JH on xmas eve.

Also decreased skill raise speed for getting sprouts ? Why ? Isn't grinding forestry up not hard enough already ? Oh man .... :%)

Grind has been buffed
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Re: Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

Post by Darius » 23 Dec 2016, 19:22

I'd love to see our first JH on the MMO, but on Christmas Eve...
While we're having Christmas dinner our cities will get destroyed, yay!

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Re: Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

Post by Kuny2ru » 23 Dec 2016, 19:34

Спасибо! Отличное обновление, молодцы ребята, обожаю вас :Bravo:

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Re: Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

Post by Carlossg » 23 Dec 2016, 19:37

JH when the people is having the Christmas dinner? this is a big problem, i think that this jh need be change to the Monday or to another day...

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Re: Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

Post by SomeoneD » 23 Dec 2016, 19:40

А в YO ничего интересного не намечается? :sorry:

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Re: Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

Post by Heregnas » 23 Dec 2016, 19:42

This not only seems like a joke, but it also seems an offense ...

No longer for believers or non-believers of Christianity or Christmas ... but because if there is a day a year where people are with their families worldwide, it is this.

I think it's a shame, frankly.

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Re: Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

Post by chipit » 23 Dec 2016, 19:43

Noice piss off a big part of the beta testers good job :no:
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Re: Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

Post by Akarian » 23 Dec 2016, 19:51

We spent a week working nonstop for trial time. It does not seem normal or right for the developers to put a day like this in which practically no one will be and many people would be discouraged after so much time working and not having the opportunity to defend that city or settlement that cost so much.

I think it's a very unwise decision that would create a serious injury within the mechanics of the game.
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Re: Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

Post by Trir » 23 Dec 2016, 19:54

AHAHAHA! Great idea with time of JH!

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