Modding Tool and 2 and 4 packs

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Modding Tool and 2 and 4 packs

Post by Bobik » 05 Feb 2015, 15:27

We pride ourselves in being close to our fans, so we’re thrilled to be announcing the launch of this fan-made alpha modding-tool created by player, Harmen. This tool - known as ‘Your Own Mod’ - allows you to create your own mod for your own server (for example, you can edit existing object and crafting recipes, or even create new ones)  - it’s the first step to modding-freedom in Life is Feudal, so we made sure to support Harmen in any way possible!

On top of this launch, we’re also introducing 2 and 4 pack purchase options, so get your friends involved and make your guilds and clans aware! If you don’t belong to a guild or clan, now is the time to create one, because: Life is Feudal.

P.S. Mod download link (manual included): ... RwblE/edit

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