More horse mechanics, Mentoring/Drill and other goodies (

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More horse mechanics, Mentoring/Drill and other goodies (

Post by Arrakis » 20 Aug 2015, 18:46

While we are developing multiple major features like Special attacks, the new GUI, new tunneling system, full DX11 support and so on, we must not forget about smaller - yet still important - features. Some of those features are implemented in this current patch, along with some bug and crash fixes.
We would also like to mention that a serious bug has appeared in a recent patch, that we still can’t properly locate and fix If you have any additional info about that bug, please, let us know via a comment on that page.

Patch notes (ver.
    New features:
  • Mentoring for crafting skills and Drill for combat skills are implemented. You need to build a school that will allow one teacher to mentor/drill up to 5 students per in game day
  • Implemented all mounted and verus mounted abilities and functionality. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
  • Implemented “Coup de Grace” ability to finish off unconscious players
  • Implemented a proper repair ability for inventory objects (weapons, armor, tools). It demands some repair kits, but does not lower Maximum Durability that much
  • Tweaked building abilities, so you can initiate construction on a wider variety of ground types (paved road, rock fragments etc.)
  • Implemented “Set Up” ability in the Combat Preparations skill. It allows you to place Defensive anti-cavalry fences before a fight. Galloping horses will be heavily damaged or killed if they hit this spiked fence.
  • Tweaked “Coward!” warcry. It no longer causes a knockdown (only stagger), chance of occurrence is lowered, penalty for shooting accuracy of a victim increased.
  • Wild animals are now spawned according to their biomes (wild horses on grasslands, predators in woods etc.)
  • Implemented a proper “Remove Ruins”, which will allow you to remove ruins faster and salvage some materials out of them
  • Added some sounds for different ingame events
  • Corrected all in game messages according to proper English language rules

    Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a serious GUI bug when closing dialog message with the [x] button that prevented the appearance of new dialog messages
  • Fixed some bugged house and wicket models that prevented you from entering
  • Multiple client side crashes fixed
  • Wild animals should no longer be spawned in or run too deep into water
  • Lowering Voice chat volume should no longer lower volume of in game sounds (footsteps, animals etc.)
  • Fixed AZERTY keyboard related bug with inability to rebind some key bindings
  • Fixed an issue with some Yes/No messages and localization
  • Fixed some GUI window related bugs that prevented them from being properly closed
  • Fixed beehive related bugs and minor exploits

P.S. We are really astonished by how awesome you guys have been in helping with the translation of our game! Less than a week in since we started crowdsource translation project ... -is-feudal, we have a fully translated French and more than 40% of German, Italian and Spanish, so France has won this one. Who will get second place? In one of the next patches we will start implementing finished and approved localizations, so you will be able to experience the game in your native language!

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