New ways to speed up decay and health loss (

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New ways to speed up decay and health loss (

Post by Arrakis » 30 Apr 2015, 18:07

Dear players! Unfortunately this April patch does not contain all of the initially planned features. We have had to postpone the World loading optimizations feature because it affects very sensitive core program mechanics and we want to spend more time on polishing and testing.

On the brighter side, throwing weaponry and trebuchets are here! Later in May we plan to implement explosive naphtha grenades and explosive trebuchet charges - our first AoE (Area of Effect) weapons!

Patch notes (ver.
  • Implemented the first siege weapon - Trebuchet. Make sure you have at least 50 Intelligence in order to use it effectively ;) You can read more about its mechanics on our Wiki
  • Implemented throwing weapons: knives, axes and javelins.
  • Bugfix: Mallet now loses durability while being used for pavement
  • Bugfix: All crafting devices are now properly damaged while using them
  • Bugfix: Smelting steel without a crucible and tongs is no longer allowed
  • Bugfix: Crafting of Metal Bands should no longer consume metal if you don’t have a blacksmith’s Hammer equipped
  • Bugfix: “Melt” and “Recycle” buttons are only active when there is something to melt or recycle
  • Bugfix: Wild animal skinning ingredients are no longer capped at 50 Quality
  • Bugfix: All crafting results are now capped by a Real skill Value of a corresponding crafting skill
  • Bugfix: Already completed objects no longer use their contents if completed again in GM mode

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