New battle Instancing will kill the game

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New battle Instancing will kill the game

Post by H2kdemon » 14 Jul 2017, 19:48

I have been following this game for quite a while with my friends. We all played the YO version and loved it just the way it was. I accept that despite hours and hours of hard work, someone can simply tunnel under my walls or go over them, but that's life. What will take away from the experience of preparing for a battle and being able to hold out against a larger force is this instance BS. I think it has great intentions behind it but look at all we would have to sacrifice. The Dev team bothered to place a cap on how stacked one side could be against the other (x3) which is pointless really. in open combat with no cover or emplacements the larger force will usually win if we are talking anything over 1.5 times the defenders. This all does not even take into effect the repercussions on things like armor. Why would I take a hulking armor suit into an open battle where I have no control over which direction the enemy is coming from. why would i build giant castles walls or forts that will never be fought in?!

MOST IMPORTANT --- how does this fit into a realistic sandbox survival crafting game? please do not move forward with this! :( :( :( :( :( :(

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Re: New battle Instancing will kill the game

Post by Taablarna » 15 Jul 2017, 21:24

Instanced field battles will lead to siege battle, where defender will stand at his walls and attacker will build siege towers and catapults. Instanced field battles before that wont allow destruction of settlement.

And about realism - some of it must be sacrificed for gameplay. In total realism no-one but gänkkers will have fun.

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Re: New battle Instancing will kill the game

Post by Ferimer » 15 Jul 2017, 23:47

Also each side has 24 hours to enter the battle. Obviously a larger Force is going to always win but that doesnt mean that their force and always and will always be 3x greater than yours. If only 3 guys on their attacking side sign up and you sign up with 8, you could or could not win it depends on the players going in. You seem to think that its unfair because you only have like 4 people at any given time? Well here is what you do, get some allies and or merge with a larger Clan/guild like how it would happen in that time. If you are a smaller village and a larger force is upon you, you can have 2 options either surrender and join them or probably get killed and robbed or your resources, what would you pick? What you do to ensure your people are safe? THink about it logically and realistically that there is always going to be an army bigger than yours and if you are a group of nothing but farmers and smithers then you are in for a rude awakening as this game is like any Feudal age, There will be barbarians out to kill and loot you. Welcome to the Feudal Life. I think the istance battles are perfect. NO more having to sit there and just have a range Arrow fight for 2 hours and nothing being solved. NOw you are forcing the defending players out to protect their lands and if they cant well too bad time to lose some Claim and get shrunk.

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