Why no music?

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Why no music?

Post by Aslankokb0 » 04 Aug 2017, 21:52

Wouldn't it be awesome if we had some intruments and various of versions of some musics. Like skill:

0 - You can play flute - this 3 songs.
30 You can play flute, drum - flute 1 more song, drum this 2 songs.
60 You can play flute, drum, lute - flute 1 more song, drum 1 more song, lute this son.
90 You can play flute, drum, lute, harp - this songs etc.
100 - Title Virtuoso

With each song, it could have different values of changing stats for some time. It could restore some Stamina.

Above all else it can lead various of RP occasions like travelling musicians etc. That'd be awesome. Is it possible?

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