A Great plague? :( Road to reach year 300!

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A Great plague? :( Road to reach year 300!

Post by Ascension » 07 Oct 2017, 06:50

So i am currently on a quest to reach year 300+. How ever i stumbled across something very weird...

My villagers are eating at their homes, but even tho they are eating they are still starving to death and my pyres are the only thing lighting up my Ghost of a town atm...

I had 400 people, now i am down to marely 100 where 40 is babies.

Weirdest part is "Number of hungry villagers" are 0.

So now i just need to sit here and wait that at least 1 female and male do not die so i can make a 100% pure incestation! Goals right there... Or is this some kind of bug?

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