Future of the game?

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Future of the game?

Post by Tarax00 » 30 Nov 2017, 01:30

Good Evening!

As the title says, now with the game released for a bit.
What are your future plans for it? What can we expect near and far? :)

I love playing it, I'm just like 30-40 hours into it. Taking it slow-ish when i play, first game being a gamestart with 2 peeps. now up to 20 about to expand more :) (with a few restarts of course :P).
Getting started has just been smooth, challenging and awesome!
No performance issues or anything, and i run it on a 4k monitor too :)

I did notice the feedback part on here and could think of a few things I would love to see added. Slightly confused about some things on there that on another page says is added? But I cant see it ingame? (Like the resource blocking/managing in warehouses, Villager stats. or am I a derp and missed how to do it?)

But yea I would just like to know if/what you are planning on adding feature wise to it in a near / far future?

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Re: Future of the game?

Post by Baelzemon » 17 Dec 2017, 19:48


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