A simple wish from the GMs

Why this game is better than any other.
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A simple wish from the GMs

Post by Evalee » 09 Mar 2018, 13:18

The game in general is fun. The skinstore pricing cost more then the game itself, fine. I can handle all that.

What I wish, however, is that since this part of the game is a MMO part, I wish that the GMs would act like proper MMO GMs aswell.

Guilds using alt guilds to banner another guild, large guilds riding around forcing the way smaller settlements into vassalage or die. Sure, its Life is Feudal. Things like that happened.

What you forget, is the player of today, the customer, and the fact that not everyone might find random ganking as enjoyable.

Is this game ment to be pure pvp? Even on the RP server? As things are now, when you let the players decide, things *will* go to hell.

I am personally on my last hope myself. I have spent alot of money on theese "skin" prices. Had our general raids fallen upon us. But when nothing is done to glitching, bad words on their "official" LiF Discord, and the GMs appears to just focus on replacing some bordercrossing lost horses...

Hoping for a change.

Thank you.

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