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LiF:MMO OBT (version

Post by Arrakis » 27 Sep 2018, 11:38

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • Attackers will now receive the double penalty for not attending and properly committing to their offensive Instanced Battles
  • You will see a red highlight when you’ll try to unharness a horse or place a movable object in a place, where it collides with other objects and buildings
  • “Force fields” around Town Claims in Green worlds have been increased by 1 tile radius in order to prevent some exploits that allowed to jump on top of the fortifications placed too close to the Town Claim border.
  • All players that have characters with “_” in their nickname will now be forced to rename their characters in order to prevent these characters from bugging out upon transferring from Iriy to other EU worlds.
  • Fixed some winter season textures and added snow to many other textures
  • Korean localization was temporarily removed.
Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Fixed a major algorithm flaw while counting the value of items inside containers of guilds for the purpose of generating the Guild Rating calculation
  • Premium subscription skins are no longer randomized while traveling between worlds or attending IBs or Arenas
  • Fixed incorrect drum sounds that every player heard on a random occasion
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Horse Cart to disappear after the death of a harnessed horse

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