Add the ability to discard ressources

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Add the ability to discard ressources

Post by Faskimy » 10 Oct 2018, 19:15

I think sooner or later, almost everyone experience the unstoppable gathering of some unwanted ressources. For me, it's hides.

Logically, a small village trying to survive would get rid of unwanted stuff to make more space for the needed stuff. It's basic and absolutely fundamental. I can't figure out why the game hasn't given us the option yet.

A simple click on a barn, then on any ressource present there, that would make a little box appear "How many do you wish to discard?" with a little slidebar that would allow you decide how much, just like when you pick up stuff. Then press ok, and the amount is discarded.

I'm sure this would make life easier for many many players! And from a playability perspective, it's realistic and logic.

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