Gotenland [EN] Krysuvik; Find yourself.

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Gotenland [EN] Krysuvik; Find yourself.

Post by Dorian_Fendrel » 15 Feb 2019, 16:46

Krysuvik, a settlement forged in the heat of expansion and power. Built as a frontier trading outpost, but quickly adapted to become a small frontier fort. As a frontier settlement, we create our own goods and survive with our own weapons. At the same time, we prepare for the dangers that await those who oppose our advancement. Only through success and cooperation, will we truly prosper. Through blood and battle, crafting and trade, we will settle and claim these lands for our own. We will become the masters of our trade. You can choose your way of life. We will truly live. We are Krysuvik.

Fort Krysuvik and its community are comprised mostly of Slavards and Gottlungs, with only a handful of Khoors. We have prepared for this journey, understanding the risks of managing and thriving in a frontier town. Skirmishes over territory, and resources with the added threat of vagabonds and bandits is a day to day affair. The harder the world can push, the stronger we can become. Through grit and turmoil, to Helheim and back, we will endure, thrive, and will stand as a beacon of the last secured settlement.. to the Open Lands....

Once under the command of Warlord Yyarik of House Fendrel, Founder of Fort Icenhilde and Fort Krysuvik, his Warband has been a simple, but formidable force to reckon with. Goals of battle, reaching for Valhalla, and the findings of fame and fortune are all they seek. Only those who seek honor, loyalty, companionship, and the thrill of battle, would find this next proposal…. intriguing.

Due to the battles of old, the long sea travel, several more battles, and territory skirmishes, our numbers have begin to dwindle. No more than a few dozen survive. This is a call, to all Norseman and Shield Maidens to join the cause. Fight for honor, glory, and riches. Learn your trade, or refine it and profit. With our location and... friends... we have access to many very useful areas, that will allow importing and exporting of almost any goods or services.

The Warbands, now guided after his father's death, lies in the hands of Jarl Dorian of House Fendrel, son of Yyarik of House Fendrel. Honoring his father's wishes, and his pact sealed with unnamed entities, The Warband has now arrived here in Godenland, in search of fame and fortune while honoring the pact that was signed so long ago. What happens beyond this... is only known to the Gods..

With this knowledge, seek out Dorian, with a bird. Join the Warbands, and become more than a footnote in history. Become what you can, the strong, fierce, clever,hardened warrior, or skilled, refined, craftsman to forge the likes of things the world has never seen. This is that chance you wanted, to get away from home and explore the world. To find yourself, and earn your place in Valhalla. Come, Odin will guide you. Thor will protect you. The Gods will keep you, as will I. Fort Krysuvik...My Brother.. My Shield Maiden


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