Disable Region Recipes Until Trade Posts Fixed

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Disable Region Recipes Until Trade Posts Fixed

Post by Dealman » 27 Mar 2019, 03:13

I like the idea of some recipes requiring region-specific resources in order to be crafted - this promotes trading across regions.

However, since trade post deliveries are disabled - they are entirely and utterly useless.

Trying to build a Kitchen? I need to go half across the map.
Trying to build a Carpenter's Shop? Gotta cross the entire map.

Even with a horse, this is unfeasible and will take hours upon hours of just running.

Just getting there is an endeavor of itself - let alone trying to get the resources.

This is the kind of shit that make people leave the game.

If deliveries need to be disabled because it didn't work as intended - then also disable the region-specific resources needed to build stuff(or at least make it the current or a neighboring region - instead of having to cross the entire map).

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Re: Disable Region Recipes Until Trade Posts Fixed

Post by Barcelog » 06 Apr 2019, 10:51

Totally agree. I asked when it is going to be fixed in the trade section but no one answers. They need more forum staff too.

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