Feedback about JH

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Feedback about JH

Post by Backtk » 09 Mar 2019, 21:29

Hi, honestly my opinion about JH is very bad in this 0.2.0.
The guild grow in nobody know how.
3 hours and more for the JH is insane, set 1 or 1 hours and 30 minutes for fun and set battles and sieges.
I see guilds that declare war at the world...for what, for destroy structures in the claim. Set a war cost rather, you must bring this expenditure if you want to start a war campaign.
Who want to fight every day can fight with other guilds that want it too but i think the 70% of us have a work and cannot live in the game.
Play Life is Feudal was a pleasure but now it is a duty, or the entire claim is destroyed when you are away….

EDIT: oh another things, why we had a JH Yesterday (3 Hours on friday), why we have a red sword today (saturday)? we are tier 8, 1 hour in week and 3 on week end, not 6!!

EDIT EDIT: ok i understand now, every damn day we have JH! that's insane. Who doesn't like this please write in this post. Our voice must be heard

this is what i think.

I like the new skill progression and other new mechanics, i don't like other things.

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Re: Feedback about JH

Post by Mickael.lesuer » 25 Mar 2019, 06:15

je suis de ton avis sur le sujet , en ce qui nous concerne nous avons privilégié la mise en place du claim avec les contenants et ateliers de toutes sorte ,donc le pve en priorité pour se bâtir "une armurerie" de qualité sauf que le lv de guilde se trouve être déjà lv 6 ret au final on a que des entrepots de stockage et 2 ateliers on peut pas dire que l on va être au top du pvp avec tous ces jh sur le dos , je dirais que le nouveau système mis en place pour le pvp n ' est pas au top et va faire partir beaucoup de monde .

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Re: Feedback about JH

Post by Graunderi » 09 Apr 2019, 05:10

You can always join bigged guild or live inside the safe zones

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