Development News #154 — Your Feedback and Art Sneak Peek

What are we currently working on.
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Development News #154 — Your Feedback and Art Sneak Peek

Post by Arrakis » 03 May 2019, 17:19


Hey, Feudalists!

First of all, we would like to thank you for your feedback about the Combat patch. We have received a lot of messages related to that, so thank you once again, As we mentioned last week, we are still planning an AMA session about the combat patch later this month, so stay tuned to our upcoming news about it, and contact Elizabeth (Laskin)#7217, if you have some constructive feedback or suggestions! In the meantime, we continue working on even more fixes and tweaks to bring to you in the next patch.

In other news, we are planning to host some events both on Godenland and Epleland, so if you are an event organizer or a guild who has tournament facilities (for jousting, one on one fights, etc.), please hit us up, if you would be willing to lend your arena or to organize an event. Elizabeth (Laskin)#7217 will happily answer all questions that you have. Looking forward to hearing from you!

This week we are also thrilled to share this masterpiece created by one of our players -
Beキasonic. This is a beautifully done time-lapse video of feudal life for you to sit back and enjoy:

Ah, there’s one more thing we have to share with you! This week the art team want to show you what they have been up to. Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming Rag skins. There will be 3 options for each character gender to choose from. The skins are expected to be implemented sometime later this month, stay tuned!

rimg30 rimg30

That’s all for today, have a great weekend!
— The team

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Re: Dev News #154 — Your Feedback and Art Sneak Peek

Post by Borisk » 04 May 2019, 07:25

looking good, skins are needed, lots of them, gives players some originality :good:

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