Development News #157 — Something Big & Something Fancy

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Development News #157 — Something Big & Something Fancy

Post by Arrakis » 31 May 2019, 17:01


Hey, Feudalists!

In the last week’s update, along with a bunch of tweaks and fixes, we have also brought you the long-awaited upgrade for the container windows. With their design being improved and their size increased, it’s now much more comfortable to use them, especially if your containers contain large quantities of various resources. This in addition with new sorting options should make your job with managing lots of items in guild’s containers much easier.

While on this topic, we want to thank you all for providing feedback regarding these changes! As always, we greatly appreciate all your comments.

On another note, as you all well know, last week we have closed Epleland world, but not before one last photo op with the remaining active players! All by the courtesy of ‘Knights of the Eclipse’, who have hosted that final event in their castle. You can see this last goodbye on our beloved RP world being immortalized in this gallery. Thanks for being there!

We have no doubts that all of you Eplelanders will find your place somewhere on Godenland, if you haven’t already, and will enjoy your time there. Bigger world gives bigger opportunities, who knows, you may even achieve more than before...

By the way, make sure to share your feudal highs, lows, battles and adventures that you've had on Epleland in our Glory of the Old Worlds album.

Another important topic we want to discuss is Judgment Hour and buildings protecting the movable objects. As you know, not all buildings protect these movables and we want to clarify which do, so you can keep your valuables safe. You can see the list of these buildings here.

We also want to mention the new decorative tabards we have implemented recently that you can acquire from our shop. They will add some more style to your already awesomely looking characters. With these purple, red and blue colored tabards you will definitely stand out in the crowd!


And finally, in the patch released this week, which included more fixes and optimizations, as usual, we have implemented some new rider statues to decorate your settlements with. Whether placed around your castles, in the middle of town squares or along the roads, they'll be a perfect addition to your beautiful settlements.

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Now, let’s wrap this all up with yet another good news regarding our fixes. A recent hotfix has resolved the issue with the Instanced Battle map. It should now work properly and help you navigate, especially through some dense forests.

Have a great weekend!

— The Team

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