[INT] The White Walkers

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[INT] The White Walkers

Post by Warlord » 19 Feb 2019, 20:35



We are Interenational-Mature-Experienced and Dedicated PvP guild, that was founded in the early stages of Life is Feudal back in 2015, where the White Walkers started their scourge !
And kept on going from the YO PvP servers throughout the first MMO release, on Avalon PvP server and renowned as Hardcore PvP Guild.

The White Walkers was and still a Proud member of The Fearless Army Alliance.

As our guild began to grow we needed to Implement structures and Organization to run the guild to success in Working/Crafting as PvE is the most important way to survive.

Guild ranks


The White Walkers was founded by hardcore PvP players, and evolved to be more like a Family than a Guild, who likes to chill around and enjoy the game and make it more fun to play.

Our undead scourge still Lives! We gladly welcome any new players to join! PvPers or Crafters , All are Welcome !

What we are looking for:

• Respect.
• English speaking players
• Experienced Players or Rookies any exp rate is acceptable and always welcome to learn.
• Teamwork and Loyalty
• Mature behavior and no Childish actions.

What we can offer :
• Fun International Community.
• a Plenty of Experienced Players who are ready to Help and Guide you.
• Great open world Raiding/Siege.
• Training and All the Stuff you need to get started.
• Sweet Home and Protection.

If you are Interested Join our Discord!
: https://discord.gg/FWVxKnv

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Re: [INT] The White Walkers

Post by Warlord » 13 Aug 2019, 06:59

Currently we are still playing actively on Godenland and Open for new Players!

What is dead may Never die!

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