Are there multiple servers

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Are there multiple servers

Post by Peter.parker9771 » 20 Apr 2020, 08:57


I am very new to LIF, just competed quests on start island and received my necklace. Before I use my free ticket to the main land is there multiple servers to choose from or just one server? Secondly if there are multiple servers any idea which server would be best for South African players as we normally experience lagg in most games.

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Re: Are there multiple servers

Post by Arrakis » 20 Apr 2020, 16:42

Hey. After newbie island, you move to Godenland, which is a single, giant world, where all the players coexist and fight for land and resources. There, you will find yourself in a protectorate, a green zone where pvp is disabled. You can settle around the area where you've begun your adventure, or you can use Traveler's Idol (once every 48hrs) to move to one of the other protectorates, whether it's to meet with friends or just to see different parts of the game world.

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