Questions before coming back

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Questions before coming back

Post by FireBurst » 12 May 2020, 08:47

Hello there. I played with my guild until early 2018. We plan to maybe come back. But before, I have sone questions :).

I heard about recent wipe. Is it full wipe?

Are there decent number of players actually? Or where can I look at it?

I remember digging tunnels required to put planks and pillars. We were not able to fix/repair them to refresh the timer; We had to wait to the tunnel to collapse before dig and fortify the tunnels once again. Is it still that (really pissed me off to dig again and not being able to just fix the pillars to prevent the tunnels falling. Was there a sort of fix or update for that to be more miner friendly?

About the ore nodes, what happens now when a node is partialy or fully depleted? Are they resetting or a new node is spawning somewhere else? Or is it just one time until world is empty?


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Re: Questions before coming back

Post by Arrakis » 12 May 2020, 13:53

Hey. You can observe the current number of players online in here:

As for the tunnels, you can now use Remove Reinforcement and Collapse abilities, if you need to collapse tunnel block for some reason. And as it always was, the underground resources are finite and do not respawn. However, considering that even before the wipe players were nowhere close depleting them, there's no need to worry about the lack of these resources. If they are not in your area, you can buy them from other players using the trading poss.

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